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Why Brightspot Enterprise CMS
Why Brightspot?
As life-long publishers and media gurus, our founders grew weary of the overly complex CMS technologies available in the market. These "solutions" were slow, rigid, and hard to use. Even worse, none of them catered specifically to the needs of high-speed digital publishers, media companies, and brand storytellers.

In 2012 we set out to change all of that. We created Brightspot on a light-weight, data modeling framework to deliver the speed and agility modern content producers crave. Our low-code foundation unlocks more digital power for users, getting technology out of the way of effective creative strategies.

Welcome to the future of digital publishing.
Brightspot Founders
Making Perfect Sense
Brightspot was created by Perfect Sense, a product innovation and digital consulting company started by David Gang and Lisa Beaudoin. Our founders set out to build a different kind of company, one that believes taking care of others is the ultimate goal and obligation. As such, we take great joy in giving back to society, employees, and clients. And being the bright spot in the daily lives of our users. What could be better?
Let Our Customers Tell You More...
Here's the real scoop
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Brightspot is the digital brain of Univision. It's the piece of software sitting between every system we have.
Nate Landau, VP, Product, Univision
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It's a Ferrari of a system. Brightspot has an incredibly fast, sleek front-end and the back-end is intuitive, simple, and effective. Basically, it helps us publish faster.
Mike Schmidt, Director of Multimedia, National Geographic
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Our [previous] legacy CMS constrained our creativity and undermined our confidence. With a modern CMS like Brightspot, we can now move and innovate on the fly.
Caitlin Brown, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, Walmart
What Makes Us Different
High-Speed, Low-Stress
You can create a perfectly tailored solution in line with your business trajectory, investment tolerance, and unique requirements 2x faster than anyone else.
Innovation Cadence
Brightspot's lean architecture and ultra-modern codebase means less headaches and more freedom for creativity and innovation.
Effortlessly Bespoke
Launch new sites quickly, scale easily, and customize the CMS as you see fit to build the perfect technology solution for your business.
Outcome Oriented
We believe that technology is never a means to an end, but a critical enabler of speed, joy, and market success.
We apply user-centric design thinking to ensure clients get the speed, functionality, and control they need to succeed at the highest levels.
Customer Delight
We wake up everyday figuring out new ways to delight editors, empower developers, and impact results. Customer happiness is our #1 goal.
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