Premier professional services

Our professional services include product strategy and development, experience and visual design, and content services. With our elite team at the helm, we guarantee cohesive digital experiences to empower your business.

Product strategy

Our experienced and innovative product management team is committed to helping your business develop strategic product roadmaps from concept to launch.
Account management
We provide a fully staffed team of product managers, developers, design and usability experts and content strategists to ensure we deliver the perfect experience for all stakeholders. We identify and understand your needs, develop customized solutions and communicate regularly to ensure smooth project management and successful project delivery.
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Product definition
The Brightspot team engages with you and your stakeholders to define short-, middle- and long-term strategies to deliver on your ultimate goals. We'll create a well-defined project approach, specific tactics and individual product requirements and product plans.
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Content strategy
Brightspot believes that an understanding of an organization’s content and content strategy is critical to delivering both an engaging experience, as well as a content management system that is finely-tuned for use by your specific teams.
Content creation process definition
Product and content strategy teams will work together to customize user management, role creation and workflow definition. The Brightspot platform provides complete flexibility in configuring all three to completely support your business processes.
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Customizing Brightspot
The team will customize Brightspot based on the product definition. This includes your site’s visual design and user experience, specific customizations for your implementation, as well as customization of the Brightspot publishing interface.
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System integration
The Brightspot platform was built from the ground up to easily integrate. We have a large number of out-of-the-box integrations and can build any custom integration to align with your enterprise or proprietary platform.
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Content migration
For even the most complex migrations, our expert team's guidance and approach is a proven path to success.
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Quality assurance process and testing
Our quality assurance engineers validate requirements and designs and ensure accuracy and completeness on each feature, as well as overall site experience and performance.
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We craft custom, hands-on editorial and developer training programs that are unique to your Brightspot environment to enable your teams for long-term success.

Creative strategy

We specialize in building tailored design solutions to meet unique business and content challenges. Our collaborative group of visual designers, UX specialists, program managers and content strategists work with our customers to create dynamic visual designs and engaging multi-platform experiences.
Brightspot performs a full audit of your current content, such as SEO analyses, competitive and experiential audits, social media and brand audits and recommendations on how to move forward.
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We develop and present a detailed content strategy consisting of taxonomy, personas, user journeys, mood boards, audience content plans, measurement models and more.
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Our teams turn plans into action. Our content, visual design and UX teams execute on app design, copywriting, editing and creating articles and stories, along with a full library of infographics, iconography, videos and any other assets your business needs.
Your stakeholders receive monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc reporting from Brightspot to track progress against benchmarks and KPIs. Our teams formulate insights and recommendations.
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Our team also serves as a resource for any site publishing help or CMS training your team may need. We advise on the ins and outs of the CMS to ensure your team is successful.
In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. Find out here how Brightspot's SEO services can help your business stay ahead of the competition.
We chose Brightspot because our organization is in growth mode, and Brightspot is ready to grow with us.
Director of Marketing and Digital Studios
Brightspot’s Developer Portal is a robust resource that empowers customers and partners to develop faster and collaborate, innovate and efficiently deliver exceptional experiences using Brightspot.

More services to help you thrive

In under 100 days, you can smoothly migrate and establish your own content experience on Brightspot. From delivery and development to creative expertise, our delivery and services teams are equipped to handle even the most complex migrations.
Brightspot manages updates, upgrades, security patches, storage, bandwidth and more, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional experiences for your customers.

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