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Popular topics

Explore code examples, tutorials, and community questions about some of the most popular development topics related to Brightspot development.
Our GraphQL plugin allows access to data stored in your Brightspot instance over HTTP in compliance with the GraphQL specification.
Customize the themes that come with the platform's front end, and work with Styleguide, Brightspot’s development environment for creating themes.
The comprehensive framework for data modeling and access used by Brightspot.

Platform extensions

Platform extensions are a repeatable and scalable library of modular features that can be easily added to your Brightspot instance to enhance future projects.
Brightspot's Redirect Importer boosts productivity by eliminating the need to individually key redirects in the Vanity URL Redirect form. You prepare a Google Sheet with all the redirects, and import the sheet directly into Brightspot.
Brightspot's dynamic taxonomy gives administrators control over the dynamic tag categories from which editors can select dynamic tags, based on an asset's content type.
Brightspot provides a review-cycle utility that reminds editors to review specific assets at fixed intervals. During a review, an editor creates a revision, modifies the revision, and finally publishes the revision.
With Dynamic Modules, curated style groups are associated with content types and presented in an intuitive folder structure. This association ensures editors can easily apply a module to a given asset.

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Explore the latest trends in website development, CMS technology, digital security and advances across the spectrum of software to manage, extend and manage a modern tech stack.


Learn something new by following along with our hands-on tutorials
Helpful tips and comprehensive exercises to get up and running with Brightspot's front-end developer tool, Styleguide.
Creating endpoints with for different use cases, both programmatically and using the Brightspot UI.
A comprehensive tutorial covering front-end field creation for developers.
Learn to programmatically create a GraphQL endpoint so that an administrator can manage it later.

Popular Questions

Frequently asked questions from the Brightspot development community.

How do I reference images in the assets folder?

When referencing assets in Handlebars we would recommend using the CDN helper...Read more

How do I implement responsive images with the picture tag?

Here is some documentation to support the setting of responsive images...Read more

Does Brightspot have a preferred way to do Java Logging?

Brightspot uses the Simple Logging Facade for Java...Read more

What versions of Node are compatible with Styleguide?

Various versions of Node are compatible with the Styleguide, up to the latest, but other items need to be adjusted to complete the compatibility...Read more

Should I use the standard GraphQL import, or does Brightspot have a specific dependency ?

Brightspot has a custom implementation of GraphQL. Here is the maven definition...Read more

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Learn how to approach back-end development with Brightspot and key concepts including advanced data modeling, Dari, and more.
Learn key Brightspot front-end development concepts including theming, Styleguide, and more.


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Highlighted resources

Expand your knowledge with the latest documentation, case studies, webinars, and other development resources.
An interactive look at the unique features of Brightspot’s GraphQL implementation as well as the API Framework on which it was built by Brightspot Chief Architect Dan Slaughter.
Following its acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods delivered on its brand promise with an engaging content-as-commerce approach built on a new API-powered headless CMS platform.
1 Min Read
Lee Teague, SVP of Engineering at Brightspot, offers a live demo of how developers can quickly and easily customize the UI within the CMS with JavaScript instead of Java.
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