Brightspot Content Types Guide

Brightspot Content Types Guide

Brightspot is a world-class platform to boost your digital strategy. Designed to increase editorial efficiencies and remove developer roadblocks, Brightspot is a powerful tool that enables you to curate the perfect digital experience for your audiences.

The Brightspot Content Types Guide is centered around numerous elements that get you to market faster and more cleanly. Specifically, this guide provides explainers and procedures to utilize the following pre-built content types, modules, and pages.

Having content types, modules, and pages pre-built—and built to the specification of common use cases—enables you to begin your Brightspot journey at a running speed.

See the following sections for more information.

  • Content types—From articles to full-on newsletters, Brightspot has done the work for you, allowing you to quickly get up and running.
  • Modules—Enjoy a CMS that has a truly modular approach with a number of pre-built modules—lists, promos, quotes, and many more—that can be used to build out pages or within the rich-text editor.
  • Pages—Pre-built pages—homepages, section pages, tag pages—are there to help your audiences better engage with your organization.
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