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Image logos are branding assets that identify all your published assets. Unlike images that can appear only once in an entire site, image logos should appear on every published asset.

Additionally, rendered image logos include a link that visitors can click, typically to return to your site's homepage.

Before beginning these steps, make sure you already created the image in Brightspot. For details, see Image.

To add an image logo:

  1. In a Logo field, select Select. Logo fields are available in the following widgets:
    • Edit Global > Front End > Logos & Icons
    • Edit Site > Front End > Logos & Icons
    • Most edit asset forms, such as Edit Section > Overrides> Logos & Icons overrides

      Location of Logo field in an edit site form
      Location of Logo field in an edit site form
      Location of Logo field in an edit asset form
      Location of Logo field in an edit asset form
  2. Click search.
  3. In the content picker, click New Image Logo.
    Creating a new image logo
    Creating a new image logo
  4. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Back to return to the content picker.

After saving your image logo, you can use it in assets such as sites, pages, sections, and assets.

    Field Description
    Internal name Enter an internal name for this asset. Brightspot uses this name internally, such as in the search panel and recent activity widget. This name is not visible to visitors to your site.
    Image Select an existing image. The image must be in one of the following formats: png, jpg, tiff, bmp, gif, svg, or jpg. For the best visitor experience, use an image that is two or three times the rendered size. For example, if your rendered image logo is 300 × 100, use an image that is 600 × 200h or 900 × 300.
    Link Select None, Internal, or External.
    • None—The image logo's link points to the home page.
    • Internal—The image logo's link points to an asset existing in Brightspot.
    • External—The image logo's link points to an external URL.

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