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Uploading a video from local storage

This topic explains how to upload a video file to Brightspot.

Before beginning these steps, make sure you save the video file on the drive you are working from, or obtain its URL from the internet.

To upload a video file:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select Video File.
  3. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Complete your site's workflow and publish the video file.

After you save your video, you can use it in assets such as articles and playlists. You can also add videos to text you compose in the rich-text editor.

Video File fields

Click each tab below to see a description of the associated fields.


Do one of the following:

To upload a video file from your computer, select New Upload. Click Choose and navigate to the video file.

To link to a video file on the Internet, select New URL and paste the video file's link.

TitleEnter a title. When you add the video to another asset, the title is visible to visitors to your site.
Internal NameEnter an internal name for this asset. Brightspot uses this name internally, such as in the search panel and recent activity widget. This name is not visible to visitors to your site.
DescriptionEnter a description. This description is not visible to visitors to your site.
Thumbnail ImageClick search and select an image. This image is not visible to visitors to your site; it appears in Brightspot widgets, such as the search panel. (If you don't select a thumbnail image, Brightspot uses the video's first frame as the thumbnail.)
Poster ImageClick search and select an image. When you add the video to an asset, the poster is visible to visitors to your site. (If you don't select a poster image, Brightspot uses the video's first frame as the poster.)
Thumbnail ImageSelect an image to serve as the thumbnail image of this video when included on a page or in a module.
Default MuteSelect Enabled to automatically mute the video when it is played. The viewer can unmute the video if desired.
Default AutoplaySelect Enabled to automatically play the video upon page load.
TagsSelect the tags associated with this asset. This selection is not visible to visitors to your site.

For information about creating a tag, see Tag.

LocaleSets the content's locale. This setting can also be used to auto-localize content based on the users requested locale.

On your site, the color of the video's play icon is the same color set as your theme's primary color. For details on changing theme colors, see Customizing a theme.

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