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Breaking News Banner

You can add a banner across the top of a page to display an alert or important message, either indefinitely or for a specified period of time. To apply a breaking news banner at the global, site, section, or asset level, see Applying a breaking news banner.

You can configure and display multiple breaking news banners at the same time.

To create a breaking news banner:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. In the Create widget, select Breaking News Banner.
  3. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Click Save.
Field Description
Content Under Content, enter the text that displays in the breaking news banner.
Expiration Select Exact Date Expiration, then click date_range to open the date picker and select a date and time when the breaking news banner is automatically removed from the site. If you do not select an expiration date, the breaking news banner remains indefinitely until you remove it.

The following illustration shows just one example of how Brightspot renders a breaking news banner.

Breaking news banner

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