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Adding a snippet to an asset

Snippets are reusable assets within Brightspot's knowledge management. See Snippet for more information.

Snippets are added to other assets from the rich-text editor.

To add a snippet to an asset:

  1. Search for an existing asset to which you want to add a snippet, or create a new one.
  2. In the rich-text editor, place your cursor where you would like the snippet to appear.
  3. In the rich-text toolbar, click post_add.
    snippet_toolbar.png snippet_toolbar.png
    Add snippet icon in the rich-text editor
  4. There are three ways to add a snippet from the Edit Snippet pop-up window.
    Edit Snippet widget Edit Snippet widget
    Edit Snippet widget
    • Clicking in the reference field in the Edit Snippet window shows a list of Recently Updated snippets you can choose from.
    • If the snippet you are looking for is not in this list, you can type the letters of the name of the snippet in the Search field. The list updates with snippets that match the text you enter. Once it is in the list, you can click it to add it to your topic.
    • Click searchto open the content picker. Here, you can perform a much more detailed search (such as searching by category) for the desired snippet.

    If the snippet doesn't exist, you can click Create New to begin creating a new snippet. See Snippet for more details.

  5. Expand the Variant field to choose the desired variant (if applicable). Variants can contain formatted text or different variations of the same text.
  6. Click Save & Close to add the snippet to your asset.
  7. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.
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