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Product Promo module

You can create a promo module for a product.

To create a product promo module:

  1. In the header, click add.
  2. From the Create list, select Product Promo Module.
  3. Using the following tables as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. Click Save.

Product Promo module fields

    Internal NameIn the Internal Name field, enter an internal name. Brightspot uses this name in selection fields.

    In the Item field, do one of the following:

    • Internal—Uses an existing product in Brightspot.

      • From the Product list, select an existing product.
      • From the Variant list, select an existing variant of the selected product.
    • External—Links to a product outside of Brightspot.

      • In the URL field, enter a URL for a product.
      • In the Price field, enter a price for the product.
      • In the Compare At Price field, enter a compare at price for the product.
    TitleIn the Title field, enter a title. The title entered here is visible to the visitors to your site. This field defaults to the title of the product you select in the Item field.
    DescriptionIn the Description field, enter a description. This description is visible to the visitors to your site. This field defaults to the description of the product you select in the Item field, and any text you enter overrides the original description in this product promo module, leaving the original description intact.
    ImageClick search to search for an existing image to override the featured image of the product.
    Call To Action Button TextIn the Call To Action Button Text, enter text appearing on the call-to-action button. This text is visible to the visitors to your site.
    OptionsEnter text that appears underneath the call to action.

    CategoryEnter text to override what appears as the eyebrow text when this promo appears on a page.


    Hide DescriptionToggle on to hide the description of the asset contained in the list module. For example, toggling on this setting displays the Headline of an article, but hides the Description of an article contained in the list module.
    Hide ImageToggle on to hide the image included on the asset contained in the module.
    Hide PriceToggle on to suppress the display of the product price in this module.

    Product Promo Module Styles

    TemplateSelect the template of this module from the list of options. Templates are visual presentation presets that differ depending on the type of module.
    PresetSelect one of the following:
    • None—Applies styling from the site's theme.
    • Custom—Opens a form to customize the site's theme for this asset.
    • (Various)—Applies a variant of the site's theme.
    For information about configuring a theme's preset, see Creating a theme's preset.
    Promo Title SizeOverrides the default text size of the promo title as specified in your theme's CSS file.
    Promo Description SizeOverrides the default text size of the promo description as specified in your theme's CSS file.
    Text AlignmentOverrides the text alignment for the module as set in your theme's CSS file. Your choices are Left, Center, or Right.
    Image Position HorizontalOverrides the default image horizontal position as set in your theme's CSS file. Your choices are Left or Right.
    Choose a Background ColorEnter the hexadecimal value of a background color for this module. For instance, entering #000888 provides a dark blue background.
    Choose a border colorSelect the color for borders around a product's featured image.
    Change Primary Text Color to Primary Inverse Text Color (Set in Theme Colors)Toggle on to convert the primary color of the text in the module to the inverse color of the text set in the theme.
    Animate this module on scrollToggle on to provide a small animation to this module when it is scrolled into view.
    Image Aspect RatioOverrides the default size and shape of the image next to the item in the asset as specified in your theme's CSS file.

    LocaleChoose a locale for the translation you want to submit.

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