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An asset is something you publish, such as Top 10 benefits of Brightspot for media companies (article), Quarterly financial results (press release), and Editors collaborating in conference room (image). Each asset you publish is based on a content type, such as such as article, press release, and image.

Brightspot comes with a number of pre-built content types that meet common publishing use cases. Each content type has a specific set of fields that best cater to the use case it seeks to solve. You can preview each to ensure it looks as intended across a number of devices, and even send these previews out for review among your team.

Each content type can be included on the dashboard for quick access, submitted to a workflow to ensure it is reviewed by the right eyes, have its fields customized for a specific use case, tracked for analytics, and more. These topics about content administration can be found in the Brightspot CMS User Guide.

Of course, not every pre-built content type will be specifically what you require. You can make your own, customized content types at will using Brightspot's editorial content types functionality.

Article example.png Article example.png
An example of an article content type

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The elements that get you up and running in a matter of days, from pre-built content types, to modules, to landing pages.

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