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Engaging employees with useful content is critical to onboarding new employees, maintaining connectivity and driving effective communication throughout your organization. However, even in today's highly virtual world, the technology to create this connection is often lacking.

It doesn't have to be this way. Take a publisher-informed approach with an intranet that's equipped to foster a sense of community and deliver highly personalized, contextually relevant interactions with your distributed, digital-first workforce.

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This is the moment to reimagine the intranet as a community and culture platform; as something more than a document dumping ground. A recent survey by Workhuman showed that employees are twice as likely to have a positive view of their company when they feel celebrated. And what better place to do this than the intranet?
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The intranet features you need for your CMS

Communicate effectively with your most important audience—your employees—using the same set of tools on which publishers rely to build trust with their readers.
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Content types
Start publishing on day one with 100+ pre-built content types. Plus, create your own custom types—either directly on the platform or via code.
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Save time—and resources—with a robust library of pre-built integrations, plus customize with intranet-specific tools for time tracking, payroll and more.
Flexible workflows
With the click of a button, create custom workflows that are designed to meet your unique business processes and streamline communication.
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Keep employees engaged and informed with content and pages that include the updates, tools and resources that matter to them every day.
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Version control
Distribute the most accurate information to your stakeholders with collaborative editing, revisions and full version history of any changes.
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Scheduled publishing
Ensure your busy internal comms team can get essential information out to employees in a timely fashion with easy-to-use publishing tools.

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Your intranet CMS needs to support personalized, engaging employee experiences to foster the right company culture whether it’s for in-person or remote teams.
Hybrid work is here to stay, and it’s causing organizations to reevaluate how they structure and communicate with their teams. As a result, it's time to rethink the company intranet and the role it plays in keeping employees engaged, informed, nimble and on track.
The pandemic has kept people away from their workplaces and put a squeeze on both the formal and informal interactions they have with colleagues. The change has increased the importance of corporate communications and the essential role they play in fostering employee connections.
Employees have to be inspired to do good work, an even greater challenge now that many are in fully remote or working in hybrid office settings. Having the right technology and tools in place to foster employee connection are a growing need to help companies attract, onboard and retain an engaged and productive workforce.
Today's intranet is playing a bigger role in organizations, especially as remote work becomes more of the norm. Find out here how Brightspot can help foster foster a secure, lively and engaged employee community with highly personalized, contextually relevant interactions.
Today's company intranet is playing a bigger role in organizations, especially as remote work becomes more of the norm. Intranet personalization is critical as a way to engage your employees and embed this as your home for creating community and culture experiences.

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