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Everything you need to create and manage content within Brightspot CMS:

• Dashboard
• Authoring content
• Images
• Pages
• Assets
• Modules
A guide for installing, supporting and administering code on the Brightspot platform.

• Field types
• Content Modeling
• Rich Text elements
• Images
Curious about something in Brightspot CMS? See our list of frequently seen terms and what they mean here.

Browse the latest Brightspot release notes, upgrade guides and version numbers.

Additional Docs

Documentation for creating, publishing, developing, and administering Brightspot and Brightspot applications.
Enhance your site with Brightspot integrations.

• Adobe Stock Image
• Amazon Elemental
• Amazon Transcribe
• Google Analytics
• SEMRush
Build themes using Brightspot Styleguide.

• Getting Started
• Templating (Handlebars)
• Wireframes for Layouts
• Image Sizes
• Resource Bundles
Learn abut the data framework that powers all things Brightspot.

• Databases
• Data Modeling
• File Storage
• Querying
• Reloader
The frontend developer tool for Brightspot Themes.

• Introduction to Styleguide
• Mocking Data
• View Generator
• Configuring Styleguide
• Installing Styleguide
Our first User Conference will be held virtually February 15-16, 2022. Registration is now open! Join us for a preview of new features available in version 4.5, including page building, new API capabilities, and modular content.