Icon Glossary

The following Material icons appear throughout Brightspot.

Icons for the rich-text editor

IconIcon nameDescription
border_allborder_allAdds a table.
cancelcancelRejects a tracked change while in full-screen mode.
check_circlecheck_circleAccepts a tracked change while in full-screen mode.
chrome_reader_modechrome_reader_modeAdds a field definition table.
closecloseRemoves a comment.
codecodeEnables keying raw HTML.
commentcommentAdds a comment.
format_align_centerformat_align_centerCenters text.
format_align_leftformat_align_leftLeft-aligns text.
format_align_rightformat_align_rightRight-aligns text.
format_boldformat_boldSets text in boldface.
format_clearformat_clearRemoves direct formatting.
format_indent_decreaseformat_indent_decreaseDecreases indent; promotes list level.
format_indent_increaseformat_indent_increaseIncrease indent; demotes list level.
format_italicformat_italicSets text in italic.
format_list_bulletedformat_list_bulletedApplies bullet to a paragraph.
format_list_numberedformat_list_numberedApplies numbering to a paragraph.
format_quoteformat_quoteApplies a pull quote.
format_strikethroughformat_strikethroughSets text in strikethrough.
format_underlineformat_underlineSets text in underline.
fullscreenfullscreenStarts full-screen editing.
keyboardkeyboardOpens the virtual keyboard.
linklinkAdds internal or external link.
list_altlist_altAdds an instruction list.
more_horizmore_horizShows/hides comments.
photophotoAdds an image.
post_addpost_addAdds a snippet.
redoredoReverses a previous undo.
searchsearchSearches within rich-text editor.
settings_ethernetsettings_ethernetInserts a code block.
short_textshort_textInserts inline code.
textsmstextsmsAdds a callout.
toggle_offtoggle_offToggles tracked changes.
undoundoReverses and editing action.
vertical_align_bottomvertical_align_bottomSets text in subscript.
vertical_align_topvertical_align_topSets text in superscript.

Icons for forms and widgets

IconIcon nameDescription
addaddCreates a new item; adds an item to a list.
add_circle_outlineadd_circle_outlineAdds an asset to a selection field; opens a configuration form.
assignmentassignmentCopies value to the clipboard.
attachmentattachmentIndicates assignment is a file.
brushbrushModifies Brightspot's theme; modifies an image.
cancel_presentationcancel_presentationReturns Styleguide preview to the theme's settings.
check_boxcheck_boxCheck box marked.
check_box_outline_blankcheck_box_outline_blankCheck box cleared.
chevron_leftchevron_leftDisplays previous page in a list of assets, such as the search panel.
chevron_rightchevron_rightDisplays next page in a list of assets, such as the search panel.
clearclearRemoves a filter in the search panel; removes an asset from a list.
closecloseCloses a widget.
date_rangedate_rangeOpens the date picker.
donedoneIndicates active tab in content edit form; indicates selected assets in a dropdown list.
drag_indicatordrag_indicatorDrags and drops an item from one list to another.
editeditEdits an item, such as an asset in a selection field, a post in a conversation, or an advanced query.
first_pagefirst_pageDisplays first page in a list of assets, such as in the search panel.
flipflipFlips an image vertically.
flipflipFlips an image horizontally.
fullscreenfullscreenPlaces search panel in full-screen mode.
helphelpDisplays information about a field.
infoinfoDisplays information about a field.
infoinfoIndicates an error.
insert_photoinsert_photoIndicates assignment is a graphic.
keyboard_arrow_downkeyboard_arrow_downOpens date picker in Assignment Desk dashboard; expands widgets and accordions.
keyboard_arrow_upkeyboard_arrow_upCloses date picker in Assignment Desk dashboard; collapses widgets and accordions.
last_pagelast_pageDisplays lat page in a list of assets, such as in the search panel.
low_prioritylow_priorityRe-arranges assets within a list.
unfold_moreunfold_moreExpands all assets within a list.
menumenuOpens the navigation menu.
more_horizmore_horizOpens a menu.
notificationsnotificationsIndicates new notifications are available.
notifications_nonenotifications_noneIndicates there are no new notifications.
open_in_newopen_in_newOpens preview pane in new browser tab.
photo_cameraphoto_cameraIndicates assignment is a photograph.
previewpreviewRenders the Styleguide preview with current selections for a theme or template.
publishpublishBulk uploads images; adds images to a gallery.
push_pinpush_pinPins a message in an asset's conversation.
refreshrefreshRefreshes a list of assets associated with an assignment; resets filters in the search widget and refreshes the results.
removeremoveRemoves an asset from a list.
remove_circleremove_circleRemoves a status from a workflow.
remove_red_eyeremove_red_eyeShows preview pane.
replyreplyReplies to a comment in a conversation.
rotate_90_degrees_ccwrotate_90_degrees_ccwRotates image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
rotate_90_degrees_ccwrotate_90_degrees_ccwRotates image 90 degrees clockwise.
savesaveSaves a draft.
searchsearchOpens search panel; opens content picker.
settingssettingsConfigures filters in the search panel; opens GraphQL settings.
slideshowslideshowIndicates assignment is a video.
starstarIndicates content type is a favorite in the Quick Start widget.
star_borderstar_borderIndicates content type is available to be a favorite in the Quick Start widget.
subjectsubjectIndicates assignment is an article.
swap_horizswap_horizPositions assets in a horizontal gallery; lists stories imported from Brightspot into InDesign.
toggle_offtoggle_offOption toggled off.
toggle_ontoggle_onOption toggled on.
unfold_moreunfold_moreDisplays previews of all images in a gallery while in list view.
view_columnview_columnApplies equal widths of column in customized dashboards.
volume_upvolume_upIndicates assignment is an audio.
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