Brightspot CMS Developer Guide

Brightspot CMS Developer Guide

Brightspot CMS is a content management system for building scaleable content management and asset management applications, as well as a platform for integrating other publishing systems, such as video, social media, and CRM. Brightspot can be used as a publishing platform for websites and native mobile applications, or as an application back end.

Brightspot can be tailored to the specific business requirements of an organization or industry. It enables the creation, editing, storage, retrieval, and delivery of content items at a fine granular level, down to individual attributes of content objects. Web pages, page components, and content modules are content objects themselves, making all editorial and management capabilities applicable to them as well.

Brightspot streamlines design, development, and editorial processes as follows:

  • Brightspot enables developers to model content types with Java classes. A data model can be altered by modifying the Java classes that define it, without regard to database schema or other configurations.
  • Editors are an integral part of the modeling process, directing developers in the "editorial language" that defines content models. The editorial user interface is automatically derived from the underlying Java classes that describe the content objects.
  • Brightspot ensures a complete separation of content and display. Designers and front-end developers can focus on user interfaces (UIs), without prerequisite knowledge of the back-end content model implementation.
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