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Reusing data files

You can promote the re-use of low-level data files by grouping them inside JSON arrays, one array per file. You store these files inside the directory styleguide/_group/, and then refer to the arrays’ elements from the parent data files.

Typical project structure

├── All.js
├── All.less
└── styleguide/
    ├── _group/
    │   └── Images.json
    ├── chefs/
    │   ├── Chefs.hbs
    │   ├── Chefs.json
    |   |     {
    |   |       “_include”: ”/_group/Images.json”,
    |   |       “_key”: 0
    |   |     }            
    │   └── Chefs.less
    └── recipes/
        ├── Recipes.hbs
        ├── Recipes.json
        |     {
        |       “_include”: ”/_group/Images.json”,
        |       “_key”: 2
        |     }            
        └── Recipes.less

In the previous illustration, the data files Chefs.json and Recipes.json have a stanza that refers to a file /_group/Images.json, which is an array of similar template definitions. Chefs.json incorporates the first element in the array; Recipes.json incorporates the third element.

This modulariztion helps to easily update parent data files; if you modify one of the data files in the directory _group/, all the referring data files inherit the modifications.

The following steps illustrate how to create a collection of low-level data files and how to refer to them in parent data files.

Step 1: Create a library of related low-level data files

In the directory styleguide/_group/, create a JSON file as an array of similar data files.


    "_template": "/path/Image.hbs",
    "src": "/otherPath/porridge-too-hot.png"
    "_template": "/path/Image.hbs",
    "src": "/otherPath/porridge-too-cold.png"
    "_template": "/path/Image.hbs",
    "src": "/otherPath/porridge-just-right.png"

Step 2: Include low-level data file in parent

Include one of the low-level data files in your parent data file.

  "_template": "Goldilocks.hbs", 
  "illustration": { 
    "_include": "/_group/Images.json", 
    "_key": 2
  • Indicates the associated template is Goldilocks.hbs.
  • Indicates that illustration is populated by the third template (counting from 0) defined in the file Images.json.

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