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Recalculation tasks

Dari includes RecalculationTask, a repeating task that periodically updates indexed methods that are annotated with @Recordable.Recalculate.

RecalculationTask can be configured with the following option, shown as a name-value pair in the Tomcat context.xml file:

<Environment name="dari/recalculationTaskHost" value="{host-address}" type="java.lang.String" />

Key: dari/recalculationTaskHost
Type: java.lang.String

The IP or name of the host on which the RecalculationTask is running. If this option is set, then Dari checks that the address of the host on which the task is running matches the {host-address} value. If you do not want RecalculationTask to run, set {host-address} to a dummy value such as

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