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Providing error messages

Brightspot provides convenient APIs for displaying data validation and other error messages on the content edit form.

import com.psddev.cms.db.Content;
import com.psddev.cms.db.ToolUi;
import com.psddev.dari.db.State;

public class Galaxy extends Content {

    private String name;

    @ToolUi.Note("(light years)") 
    private String distanceFromEarth;

    protected void beforeSave() { 
        try {
        } catch (NumberFormatException e) { 
            State state = getState();
                 "Distance must be an integer (1234) or a floating-point number (1234.32)");
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Resolve the errors listed below, then click Publish."); 

    public String getDistance() {
        return distanceFromEarth;

  • Declares a field for entering a distance.
  • Performs data validation prior to saving the object. Brightspot provides several callback methods with which you can perform validation.
  • Checks if the editor entered a number.
  • Displays a detailed error message above the field distanceFromEarth.
  • Displays a general error message at the top of the content edit form.

Providing error messages.svg Providing error messages.svg

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