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Styleguide user interface

This section describes Styleguide’s user interface and the associated development tools.

You can view the output of your Styleguide project under the Example tab. This tab provides visual cues that indicate your styling and layout are as expected.

Styleguide preview

If an element is missing from the preview, the corresponding key may be missing from the data file. For additional information, see BEM.

You can view your raw data file under the JSON (Original) tab.

Raw JSON data

For information about creating a data file, see Populating the Styleguide preview.

You can view the processed data file under the JSON (Processed) tab. This tab shows the mock values that Styleguide evaluated for placeholders.

Processed JSON data

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You can determine if Styleguide successfully evaluated your blocks and elements under the BEM tab. Under the Used column, ✗ indicates that Styleguide did not need the provided data when populating the template.


In the previous illustration, the ✗ indicates the data file defined a field bodyImage, but the template Article.hbs did not use that field.

Styleguide organizes templates based on your project’s directory structure and data file names, and also displays templates similar to the following.

Template listing

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