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Task Status

The Task Status tool shows all background tasks implemented on the server. This includes system tasks provided by Brightspot, as well as custom background tasks that you develop.

Dari Task Status tool.png
Dari Task Status tool

As shown in the screen shot, the tool displays the status of each loaded background task. Background tasks are grouped into categories, such as Periodic Caches. The displayed name of a task can be either the class name or a descriptive name, depending on the task implementation. The implementation also determines which category a task is listed under. If an implementation does not specify a category, the task is automatically listed under Miscellaneous Tasks.

The progress of a task is either Running, Paused, or Scheduled. A scheduled task is currently in a delayed state, typically due to a timing factor in the implementation.

You can pause or resume execution of all tasks in a task category. You can also stop all of the tasks, which terminates their execution and removes them from the Task Status Tool.

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