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Activity logs

The key cms/tool/isActivityLogged records events within Brightspot. The events are sent to the Tomcat log file catalina.out.

The following table describes the attributes associated with this key.

Valid values
Key for toggling on or off activity logging.
Type of the value.
Indicates if logging is enabled.
truefalse (default)

The following snippet records events in the Tomcat log file.

<Environment name="cms/tool/isActivityLogged" type="java.lang.Boolean" value="true" override="false"/>

Brightspot's standard configuration provides entries for login/logout and publication events. The following table describes the fields in each entry.

Login/logout events
Publication events
  • Timestamp
  • Log level (INFO)
  • Tomcat thread
  • Java class triggering the entry
  • Activity type (ToolAuthentication)
  • Key-value array:

    • User's ID
    • Login status (success or fail)
    • Server's domain
    • User's IP address
  • Timestamp
  • Log level (INFO)
  • Tomcat thread
  • Java class triggering the entry
  • Activity type (Deleted, Unscheduled, Saved draft, Saved new draft, Scheduled, Published, Restored, Created new, Saved, Archived, Merged, Transitioned Workflow)
  • Content type
  • Key-value array:

    • Item's UUID
    • Item's title
  • Key-value array:

    • Name of user performing the activity
    • User's UUID

The following log entry describes a successful login event.
04-Feb-2021 16:31:41 INFO [http-nio-8080-exec-9] com.psddev.cms.tool.ToolActivity ToolAuthentication [, status:success, domain:, ipAddress:]

The following log entry describes a publication event for an article.
04-Feb-2021 16:36:24 INFO [http-nio-8080-exec-9] com.psddev.cms.tool.ToolActivity Published Article [id: 00000177-6ef9-decc-aff7-fefb03f10001, label: Washing iPhone ear buds] [user name: joe, id: 00000177-68da-d640-a9f7-69db41290000]

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