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Installing additional dictionaries

Brightspot comes with generic English and Spanish dictionaries for spell checking. You need to install additional dictionaries if you want to use region-specific spelling, such as UK English or Mexican Spanish, or if you want to spell check in a language other than English or Spanish.

To install an additional dictionary:

  1. Download or create the Hunspell dictionary, both a .dic file and an .afffile. Give each file a base name HunspellDictionary_xx.

    • The last two letters of the base name must be a language code that Java recognizes. For a list of two-letter language codes, see List of ISO 639-1 codes.
    • Example: HunspellDictionary_fr.dic and HunspellDictionary_fr.aff
    • Installing a dictionary HunspellDictionary_en replaces Brightspot’s internal US English dictionary.
  2. Place the files in cms/hunspell/src/main/resources/.
  3. Rebuild your Brightspot project.

Brightspot uses the installed dictionary for users with the matching locale. For example, if you installed a dictionary HunspellDictionary_fr.dic, and a user’s locale is French, Brightspot spell checks the user’s text in French. If a user selects a locale for which there is no matching dictionary, spelling falls back to the browser (which has its own rules for spell checking).

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