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Content Delivery API permissions

This Integrations section, found in the Developer Guide, covers integrations that require developer intervention to turn on. For quick, out-of-the-box integrations offered by Brightspot, see the Integrations section in the Brightspot CMS User Guide.

Overview of CDA permissions

In addition to the permissions described Authentication, the Content Delivery API allows for additional logic to restrict access to an endpoint.

Sites permissions

For detailed information about Sites Permissions, see Sites permissions.

Attributional client settings

If a Content Delivery API endpoint is configured to allow access to Anyone, an attributional client may be set for requests to that endpoint. Any requests to that endpoint will be treated as if they came from the attributional client, and will have the permissions that are set on that client applied to their request.

To add an attributional client to your CDA endpoint, select the endpoint from the APIs Dashboard menu and navigate to the Access field. Set the value to Anyone, then select your desired attributional client and click Save.

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