What it means to be a Brightspot Partner

Meet your customers’ demand for high-quality digital content experiences with an API-first CMS solution that delivers the flexibility and scalability that others can't.

Why Brightspot Gives You an Advantage


Here are some the most commonly asked questions we get asked by partners evaluating Brightspot.

How much does Brightspot cost?

Our pricing model varies on the scope and complexity of each project, including levels of customization, custom integrations and delivery support. Our initial Brightspot offering is an enterprise-grade solution starting at $7,500/month that lets companies launch fast and start publishing immediately. Talk with us today to discuss your unique requirements and find out what solution fits best! Learn more here.

What is the difference between Brightspot and Brightspot Enterprise?

"Brightspot" is the name of our company, as well as the name of our platform, upon which we have built the Brightspot CMS as well as complimentary products like Brightspot Assignment Desk and Brightspot Media Desk. "Brightspot" also incorporates our Delivery organization, which builds world-class digital experiences and custom CMS extensions and integrations for our customers. Our product, Brightspot, includes the SaaS version of our enterprise CMS—designed to dramatically accelerate the launch and management of enterprise digital projects as well as substantially reducing the dependency on development resources required to accomplish them.

Why should I become a partner?

Brightspot offers a robust, enterprise-ready CMS that's fully built out and battle-tested against dozens of different use cases and complex digital-publishing scenarios. With Brightspot as your CMS platform, you can be assured of a world-class publishing experience that delivers many of its most powerful features out-of-the-box—from pre-built content types to dozens of integrations—and ready for business from day one. Learn more about Partner Program benefits here.

How is Brightspot different from other offerings on the market?

The CMS landscape is largely defined today by two divergent options.

The first, legacy CMS platforms like WordPress and WordPress VIP, provide organizations with pre-built front-end themes that allow them to launch sites quickly and without involving developers. But these solutions provide little or no flexibility in terms of customization (other than paying an agency or integrator thousands of dollars each time you want to change something).

The second option encompasses headless CMS offerings like Contentful, which promise unlimited flexibility to dev teams to create front-end experiences in any language, framework or environment they prefer, but offer absolutely nothing out-of-the-box with which publishing teams can get started, thus requiring time-consuming and complex front-end build cycles before a site or app can be launched.

One of the core values of Brightspot is that it eliminates the need to make this choice at all. With Brightspot, an organization can use pre-built content types and editorially customizable front-end themes to launch new experiences with astonishing speed while not impacting developers. Or it can choose to go headless—or do both at the same time with our hybrid-headless flexibility—taking advantage of the approach that best suits the project rather than being forced to make a choice that involves dependencies across an entire organization.

What is the onboarding process for partners?

Brightspot partners have access to a dedicated support portal with onboarding materials, how-to guides, documentation, on-demand webinars and more. We will also work with your team to conduct in-person training sessions as well as provide detailed code and architectural reviews of your CMS implementation(s) to ensure successful project delivery.

What is your technology stack?

The CMS back-end architecture leverages Java, Apache, MySQL and Solr, you can also use JavaScript to extend the CMS UI, to create new widgets, as well as to add custom business logic to your content types. The front-end utilizes JavaScript Handlebars, but is designed to be front-end agnostic, meaning you can work in whatever front-end framework with which your team is most comfortable.
We support our partners in every step of the sales process, including RFP responses, scoping and pricing. Talk to us today to learn more.
Brightspot is a business-ready enterprise CMS that includes every content type and integration that you need to launch an enterprise-class website in days or weeks, not months.

As a Brightspot partner, your work will be supported by our marketing team, from a press release and case study to a multi-phase social campaign

This customer-centric synergy between the two organizations will enable us to help businesses across the world mature with the technology that best fits their needs
Matthias Nollenberger, Senior Vice President, KPS
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How we support our partners

From developer training and support to code and architectural reviews of your project implementations, our partner program is designed to help you grow your business.
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Best practices
Benefit from our decades of publishing and software-development expertise
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Publisher & dev training
Get teams up to speed fast with editorial and developer training
Win more business through Brightspot CMS certification for your developers
Architecture review
Launch smoothly with peer reviews of your project implementations
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24/7 hosting and support
Dev-ops support for security, performance, upgrades and more
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Product road map
See what’s coming and share feedback to grow the platform
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We’d like to talk about how we can support your end-to-end project needs with Brightspot and our Partners team.

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