Brightspot CMS

Looking to learn more about our CMS? Brightspot excels at everything from search to editing to integrations. Read on for more information within each product area. You can also download our guides for each section to learn even more about our powerful platform's vast and varied capabilities.

Brightspot Enterprise CMS
CMS Admin
Brightspot's robust admin features empower content teams to quickly embrace new publishing tools and trends. Download the full product details about Brightspot's admin features.
Multisite capabilities
Built-in translation support
Robust permissioning system
Powerful, flexible workflows
The Brighspot CMS allows you to tailor workflows, facilitating team collaboration through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.
Search & Tagging
Robust search is at the core of the Brightspot user experience, and built-in taxonomy objects help you keep your content organized.
Persistent, faceted search
Customizable search options
Federated search
Taxonomy capabilities, including sections, tags and more
Brightspot includes filter features so you can quickly find any item. Often you'll need to search for articles or images that have already been written or posted, and search is there to help.
Rich Editing Tools
Brightspot was built for editors, by a team of editors, engineers and product managers who work closely with our customers.
Rich text editing capabilities
Storytelling embeds
Real-time & scheduled publishing
Live preview
Content Types
Editorial teams use content types to deliver content quickly to their site. Content types come equipped with tools to fully customize Brightspot's publishing interface to cater to any team's needs.
Specialized assets and pages
Video treated as an asset, with many OVPs supported
Streamlined image editing and cropping
Large module library included
Image editing in Brightspot gives editors and reporters the ability to change a variety of image settings without ever having to leave the CMS.
From users to editors, people are the crux of a content site. Brightspot gives customers the ability to interact with those humans seamlessly, from managing users to personalization.
Manage users and auth in Brightspot, or integrate with third-party auth providers
Utilize support for several affinity and social actions
Set up subscriptions and plans
Deliver personalized content via audience segments
Audience segmentation is a powerful tool that enables Brightspot users to deliver different variations of content to different users, based on their interests, devices, past usage and more.
Brightspot's flexible API-first approach ensures interoperability across your technology stack including multimedia, analytics, marketing operations and print publishing.
API-driven approach to integrations
Built-in integrations that a pair with your existing tech stack
Custom integrations available
Advertising, analytics, AI, search, marcomm and more
Brightspot delivers value to publishers through our integrations with Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Elemental, Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend.
Syndication & Distribution
Brightspot simplifies the creation of custom content packages for distribution across channels, so you can effortlessly syndicate to any partner and produce multiple newsletters from a single authoring tool.
Automatic support for SEO attributes
Built-in translation workflow and integrations
Social features like social actions and publishing
Support available for Google AMP, Facebook Instant Article and Apple News
Front-End Approaches
How your your site's front-end presentation is built and deployed is a unique business decision. Brightspot is here to support any decision you make.
Go headless with GraphQL APIs
Traditional and decoupled approaches also supported
Build and deploy your own front end
Leverage our pre-built themes
Download our easy-to-print, text-only version of the Brightspot product capabilities here.
Download the full Brightspot product deck here. Includes screenshots. Note: This is a large file, and will take several minutes to download.
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