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Say hello to fast, flexible digital publishing. Brightspot was purposefully built to put agility, speed and sanity back into the lives of content producers. With best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features, our enterprise solution enables content teams to quickly embrace new publishing tools and trends.

Brightspot Enterprise CMS
Natively Multi-site CMS
Natively Multisite
Brightspot's multi-site capabilities make it easy to run multiple sites—each with a different front-end look and feel—from one unified CMS. Manage content across multiple brands or digital properties, while maintaining brand consistency and simplifying the editorial experience.
Headless CMS and Decoupled CMS example
Headless & Decoupled
Brightspot's front-end freedom of choice leverages APIs to deliver content anywhere, making it possible to distribute customized experiences to multiple channels and devices.
Cloud Hosted
By hosting in the cloud, Brightspot eliminates the need to buy and maintain your own servers, keeps your site secure with the latest updates and ensures 99.9 percent uptime even during traffic spikes.
CMS Integration Analytics
Seamless Integrations
Brightspot's flexible API-first approach ensures interoperability across your technology stack including multimedia, analytics, marketing operations and print publishing. See our integrations.
Beam Powered
Beam will have your site up and running in no time. This transformative operations tool automates the launch of infrastructure components using a simple configuration format. It works across multiple hosting providers, quickly and effectively managing cloud-based infrastructures to ensure high-availability environments.
CMS Workflows
Drag-and-draw workflows in Brightspot allow admin users to create custom workflows, including custom statuses and transitions, and apply them to sites and content types.
CMS permissioning
Roles & Permissions
Brightspot's granular user and roles permissioning system allows admins to create custom roles that set site, tool, and content-level permissions for all users.
CMS Notifications
Supports delivery of workflow and publish notifications by Slack, browser, email or text. With Slack, users can receive Brightspot notifications via a channel or direct message.
CMS Integrations
Seamless Integrations
Brightspot's flexible API-first approach ensures interoperability across your technology stack including multimedia, analytics, marketing operations and print publishing. See our integrations.
Unlimited Seats
Brightspot offers unlimited administrator and user seats, ensuring everyone in the publishing process has access to your CMS.
CMS Rich Text Editor
Rich Text Editor
Brightspot provides a Word processing-like experience, delighting writers with rich editorial capabilities. Create, edit, publish and repurpose content faster and more easily than ever before.
Video CMS Capabilities
Built-In Video
Create, edit and publish TV-like OTT experiences with optional companion content, native workflows and integrations. Brightspot offers many OVP integrations out of the box, including Amazon Elemental.
CMS Search Integration
Federated Search
Search is at the core of Brightspot's user experience, providing persistent contextual search anywhere in the CMS. Go beyond faceted search with the ability to pull in external systems outside of the CMS. Move from old-school content management to modern content mastery by removing complicated folder structures and increasing the discoverability of your content.
Designed for You
Brightspot gives you the freedom to publish any way you want. We've designed our platform to get technology out of the way and empower users who are directly accountable for winning with digital content.
Natively Multi-Site CMS
Multichannel Publishing
It is easy to publish to all end points—each with a different front-end look and feel—from a single authoring tool. Manage your content across many properties, URLs and sharing content based on your business rules.
Content Distribution
Syndication & Distribution
Naturally headless and decoupled, Brightspot simplifies the creation of custom content packages for distribution across channels, so you can effortlessly syndicate to any partner and produce multiple newsletters from a single authoring tool.
Rich Content Personalization
Rich Personalization
Brightspot aggregates metadata about users such as location, behavior, demographics and interests. This data gives editors the ability to deliver personalized content to groups or individuals based on user criteria.
Customizable Workflows
Drag-and-draw workflows in Brightspot allow editorial users to create tailored workflows—complete with approval options and status updates—customized for your industry and the way you do business.
DAM Software
Built-in Digital Asset Management
Seamlessly bring all assets into a single indexable, searchable media library. Integration with third-party services such as Getty Images extends search beyond assets stored in Brightspot. Enhance images and videos without leaving the CMS.

More Brightspot CMS Features

Integrates With Your Tech Stack
Brightspot offers broad integrations out of the box to ensure all components of your technology stack effectively communicate with each other.
Digital Rights Management
Brightspot supports digital rights management and licensing, so you can manage usage and expiration of content directly in the system.
Customizable Dashboards
Users can create customized dashboards at a global, role or user level, putting the most relevant information front and center.
Internal Search Metrics
The Internal Search Metrics tool tracks the volume of front-end search queries by term, and displays them in a list format in the CMS, along with basic metrics like frequency of search.
Content Locking
Brightspot's field-level locking lets users collaborate on a single content asset without delay or interference. The lock warns a user that someone else is currently editing the same content.
Live Preview
Preview is a powerful tool that gives you a sample view of content while still in the CMS. Preview works across desktop, tablet and mobile in both portrait and landscape and can be shared to an external viewer (who doesn't have a CMS login).
Multi-Language CMS
Content publishing is often a global effort for corporations and newsrooms. Brightspot supports multi-language publishing, allowing the delivery of content in any language. The CMS itself can also be localized to display in any language.
InDesign Plug-In
For many publishers, print is still a crucial part of the workflow. Brightspot's InDesign plug-in enables the push of content from web to print, along with a two-way synchronization of content.
Artificial Intelligence
Leveraging cloud computing, Brightspot auto-recommends tags for uploaded images adding location, name and text recognition to searchable data.
Single Sign-On
Brightspot supports single sign-on via third-party authentication methods such as SAML and Active Directory, creating a seamless experience for users.
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