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CMS for Digital Asset Management

Every second, new digital assets are being created, modified and saved. Individuals and teams across your company need access to these images, videos, documents and other files to create content and communicate with your internal and external audiences.

Bring order to the chaos with a digital-asset management solution that’s built-in to the CMS that helps you keep track of who can access what, what's being used where, and what assets you need to update, archive or manage.

Real outcomes for customers

80 million
Digital assets in CMS, including newspaper's entire print archive
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>3 million
Content assets stored within the CMS for the leading booking portal for golf properties around the U.S.
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videos housed in Brightspot
Brightspot has an incredibly fast, sleek front end, and the back end is intuitive, simple and effective. Basically, it helps us publish faster.
Director of Multimedia
Brightspot CMS case study: National Geographic

The DAM features you need in your CMS

Maintain control and increase efficiencies across all of your digital assets, including re-use, version control, rights management and user access.
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Admin tools
Create custom roles using an incredible permission system that can set site-, tool- and content-level permissions for users.
icon illustrating Brightspot CMS platform benefits
Maintain a looking-glass view across all the places your assets are in use, plus see how and where your media assets are driving performance.
icon showing Brightspot Media Desk benefits for digital asset management
Customizable content types & templates
Start creating content on day one with 100+ pre-built content types & templates. Plus, create custom types - either directly on the platform or via code.
icon showing Brightspot Media Desk benefits for digital asset management
Image editing
Manipulate individual images for different crop sizes and display options without overriding your source imagery, ensuring a single source of truth.
Integrations graphic
Easily integrate with third party asset databases. Work with our team to customize exactly what you need or choose from 70+ pre-built plug-ins.
Icon of high powered search
Search from anywhere in the CMS to locate media assets housed both in and out of the Brightspot platform, including YouTube or Getty Images.
Utilize Brightspot Media Desk capabilities to organize, find and store all of your images, videos, documents and more - all in one CMS.

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CMS use cases

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