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This and other sites owned and operated by Brightspot (founded as Perfect Sense, DBA Brightspot) are for informational, service provision, and marketing purposes, and as such certain technologies, including technologies using browser cookies and those that gather information about your visits are operating on this site. These technologies are typical of commercial websites.

Brightspot does not make available to third parties, for sale or for free, any of the information these systems gather. We use the data to optimize our sites and services, identify potential buyers and those seeking support, and to gauge the success of various communication efforts (e.g. campaigns, content packages, outreach programs). This use is typical of commercial websites, and is compliant with the regulations of the United States (including California) and the European Union as well as other International jurisdictions. If you have questions regarding this policy, or would like to request that your information be removed, please email


Brightspot provides solutions under contract that sometimes require the creation, storage, interaction with, and/or disposal of other entities’ information and intellectual property. In pursuit of compliant, consistent, measurable, and repeatable handling of those assets, Brightspot’s Governance, Risk and Compliance office maintains this and other documents for use by our employees, agents, and clients.

In all cases, the specific management of clients' and consumers’ information will be described in an Agreement between the parties, however as a general principle Brightspot is a data processor and does not own, control, or otherwise have influence over the information gathered and stored by the applications built and managed on behalf of our clients. Brightspot makes every effort, including steps beyond those mandated by regulation and industry standards, to ensure the integrity of our clients' information. Brightspot undergoes regular third-party audits and tests of our information integrity practices - and while the specifics of our program are necessarily nonpublic, any questions can be directed to

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