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Custom Content Delivery API development

This Integrations section, found in the Developer Guide, covers integrations that require developer intervention to turn on. For quick, out-of-the-box integrations offered by Brightspot, see the Integrations section in the Brightspot CMS User Guide.

Overview of custom CDA development
For stable production functionality, it typically makes more sense to build a custom Content Delivery endpoint via code, rather than entirely through editorial configuration. An endpoint class can ensure that a fixed set of APIs are exposed with configuration that should not change between different environments.

Implementing custom CDAs

  1. Create a new Java class extending ContentDeliveryApiEndpoint.
  2. Implement required methods:

  • getPathSuffix—appended to /graphql/delivery/ to create the path where the API endpoint is available.
  • getQueryEntryFields—objects wrapping view model and interface classes used to generate the schema and expose APIs.


public class FooContentDeliveryApiEndpoint extends ContentDeliveryApiEndpoint {

    protected String getPathSuffix() {
        return "foo"; // API endpoint is available at path '/graphql/delivery/foo'

    public List<ContentDeliveryEntryPointField> getQueryEntryFields() {
        return Arrays.asList(
               new ContentDeliveryEntryPointField(FooViewModel.class),
               new ContentDeliveryEntryPointField(BarViewModel.class));

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