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Deploying SAML

The following high-level steps describe how to deploy SAML for your Brightspot instance.

  1. Obtain from the identity provider the following:
    • Metadata file that Brightspot uses to verify a SAML response originated from the identity provider.
    • Identity provider’s URL to which Brightspot sends SAML requests.
    • Identity provider’s entity ID.
  2. Obtain from the Brightspot developer the following:
    • Java class used to verify the SAML response.
    • Path to the identity provider’s metadata file.
    • Name of the field in the SAML response that contains the editor’s email.
  3. Obtain other SAML configuration values as required.
  4. In the Tomcat file context.xml, and using the values obtained in steps 1–3, compose the SAML configuration elements as described in SAML configuration keys.
  5. Ensure the SAML module com.psddev.saml is included in the final .war file.
  6. Activate the SAML authenticator; for details, see Activating single sign on.
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