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Build Information

The Build Information tool provides access to the build history for an application, showing commits and other information. You can configure external services, such as GitHub, Hudson, and JIRA, allowing you to reference bugs you have fixed and code you have changed.

When fixing a JIRA bug, add a reference to the bug code (such as ABC-123) to the commit message. This is then linked automatically in the Build Information tool. You can add multiple bug references to a single commit, and all will be linked individually.

Add the following to a Maven project’s pom.xml file to configure the build tool:



The above syntax specifies the SSH protocol. You can specify other protocols supported by Maven’s implementation for source-control management. For examples, see SCM Implementation: Git.
SCM Implementation: GitSCM Implementation: GitSCM Implementation: Git

To view commit information:

  1. Log in to github.
  2. In your web browser, navigate to http://brightspot-host/_debug/.
  3. Click Build Information.
  4. From the For list, select the build for which you want to review commits.
    Dari Build Information tool.png
    Dari Build Information tool
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