Brightspot CMS User Guide

Brightspot CMS User Guide

Documentation for creating, publishing, developing, and administering Brightspot and Brightspot applications. Learn to use the publishing tool that is as compelling and as easy-to-use as the experience it powers.

Rich-text editor

Brightspot's rich-text editor comes with a number of tools to create content. From formatting and alignment options to a number of innovative enhancements, including inserting media into your content. Brightspot's rich-text editor also comes with collaboration tools like track changes and a word processor-like full screen mode to ensure you have the space to create meaningful content for your audiences.


The dashboard is an actionable launchpad for both you and your writers. Brightspot allows you to create a one-off dashboard that includes all of the locations of Brightspot a writer needs to access, or apply one at the site or role level to account for your teams. Fully customizable out of the box, Dashboards are an important tool for administration and creating content.

URL Management

URLs get your audience where they need to go. Brightspot comes with a number of ways to create and edit URLs to account not only for the occasional typo, but also to redirect pages and assets that aren't getting as much attention to new versions that will. Learn more about how to work with URLs in a way that makes sense for your content.

Types of form fields

A form is a module that enables visitors to submit data to your website. You can use forms to collect contact information from a visitor, prompt a visitor to provide additional information about special interests, and generally increase engagement with your website. Forms are fully customizable in Brightspot. Click below to see a full list and explanation of form fields.

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