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Standard dashboard and widgets

Brightspot’s standard dashboard contains widgets for performing the most frequent tasks in electronic publishing.

Standard dashboard Standard dashboard
Standard dashboard

The following sections describe dashboard widgets. Most of these widgets are available on the standard dashboard, while some can be added to custom dashboards.

Quick Start

The Quick Start widget has links for creating new assets or editing existing ones. The left portion of the Quick Start widget lists content types that you use often. Clicking one of the content types opens a blank content edit page for that content type. The right portion of the Quick Start widget lists existing assets. Clicking an asset opens it in the content edit page.
Quick Start widget Quick Start widget
Quick Start widget
See Adding, removing, or "favoriting" items in your Quick Start widget for information on how you can customize this widget.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity widget displays editors’ activity in reverse chronological order. You can use this widget to open recently published or edited assets. You can filter the assets by type, editor, and status. The Recent Activity widget also supports a Quick View functionality that gives you an at-a-glance view of the fields included in an asset, as well as a preview of it on your site.
Recent activity widget Recent activity widget
Recent Activity widget


The Report widget provides tabular and graphical reports of your publication activity.
Report widget Report widget
Report widget


If you frequently refer to certain websites or files for source material, you can bookmark them in the Resources widget. Adding bookmarks to the Resources widget can make your work go faster, primarily because you don’t need to repeatedly find the source material in search engines or your browser’s bookmarks.
Resources widget Resources widget
When you click on a link in the Resources widget, your browser downloads the file or displays the web page, depending on the type of resource and your browser’s configuration.

Scheduled Events

The Scheduled Events widget displays assets scheduled for future publication. By default, the widget shows scheduled changes for the upcoming week. You can page through previous and upcoming weeks, and you can view by day, week, or month.
Scheduled events widget Scheduled events widget
Scheduled Events widget

Unpublished Drafts

The Unpublished Drafts widget lists all saved but unpublished assets, including everything in your workflows. You can filter the assets by type, editor, and status.
Unpublished drafts widget Unpublished drafts widget
Unpublished Drafts widget


Use the Upload widget to add files to Brightspot. You can upload a large number of images, PDFs, videos, or almost any other file you need to incorporate into your own content. (Depending on your version of Brightspot, you may be able to upload only certain types of files, such as only PNGs and JPGs.)
Upload widget Upload widget


The Workstreams widget lists the workstreams to which you can contribute as well as the progress of each workstream toward completion. You can filter the list of workstreams by making selections from the lists.
Workstreams widget Workstreams widget
For detailed information about workstreams, see Workstreams.


The Search widget displays the results of a query you define. Search widgets are useful when you frequently use a search condition and you want to see the results on your dashboard instead of in the search panel.
Search widget Search widget
The previous illustration shows a search widget that displays images published in the current month.

Content Templates

The Content Templates widget displays a carousel of the content templates that have been created for your site. You can filter the results by expanding the content type drop-down menu and selecting the content types whose custom content templates you want displayed in the widget. Those content templates that have a preview image uploaded display a preview, while those that do not display a standard icon that corresponds to the content type for the template.

Clicking the content template name or preview image takes you to a content edit page where you can create an asset using that content template. Clicking info in the preview panel opens a pop-up that displays the description entered for that content template (if entered).
Content templates widget.jpg Content templates widget.jpg
Content Templates widget

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