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Creating an assignment

An assignment is a request for items associated with a pitch. Assignments often have a specific editor, assignee, due date, and detailed instructions.

To create an assignment:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Assignment Desk’s dashboard, in the left rail, under Create, select Assignment and then click New.
    • In an item’s content edit form, under Assignments, click New Assignment.
    • In the search panel, in the Create widget, select Assignment, then click New.

    A content edit page appears.

    Creating an assignment.png

  2. Set the following fields:

    • Title—Subject of the content to be provided.
    • Due Date—Due date for the assignment. The date will be tracked by the Editorial Calendar. When the date becomes past-due, the assignment appears at the top of the listing in the Assignment Desk dashboard (see Displaying the Assignment Desk dashboard).
    • Urgent—Turn on if the assignment requires immediate attention. Urgent assignments appear at the top of the listing in the Assignment Desk dashboard.
    • Assignment Type and Description—For the selected content type, provide a detailed description.
    • Pitch—Click the selection field, and selecting an existing pitch, or click search to create a new pitch from the content picker.
    • Related To—Click the selection field, and select a supporting item that might assist the assignee, or click search to create a new item from the content picker.
    • Attachment(s)—Click add_circle_outline to add one or more attachments that support this assignment.
  3. (Optional) Under Event Information, select or create a One-Off Event or a Shared Event associated with the assignment.

    • For a One-Off Event, set the fields in the Event form.

      One-off assignment.png
      Creating a one-off event

    • For a Shared Event, click the selection field, and choose an existing event.

      Shared assignment.png
      Selecting an event

      Alternatively, click search to create a new event from the content picker.

  4. Under Team, select or create team members associated with this assignment. Brightspot sends notifications to the team members as the assignment progresses. The team members can be Brightspot users or external team members.
  5. In the Assignment widget, set the following fields:

    • Status—Select New.
    • Editor—Click the selection field to select an existing editor or team member to oversee fulfillment, or click search to create a new editor from the content picker.
    • Assignee—Click the selection field to specify an existing editor or team member to perform the assignment, or click search to create a new editor from the content picker.
  6. Click Save.

Brightspot creates the assignment, and sends notifications to all associated editors and assignees.

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