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Favoriting content types

There are several menus in Brightspot where you are able to select from a list of content types. Brightspot provides an easy way for you to "favorite" those content types you use most often and have them display at the top of these lists for easier selection.

To favorite content types:

  1. Expand a content type menu. For this example, we will use the add next to the search field in the header.
  2. Place your mouse over a content type. This highlights the content type and displays the favorite star.

    Favoriting content ytpes.png
    Favorite star next to a content type

  3. Select the stars next to the content types you use most frequently.
  4. Close the content type menu.
  5. Re-open the content type menu. The content types you favorited are now listed at the top of the menu in the Favorites section.
    Favorited content types displayed.png
    Favorited content types displayed

You can also favorite content items while you are creating an asset. For example, menus such as Authors or Sections (shown below) can have items favorited and displayed at the top.

Favoriting sections.png
Favoriting sections from within the Sections menu in a content edit form

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