Managing assets with DAM

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The following sections describe how you manage the sharing of assets through DAM.

Sharing assets from Brightspot

You can share assets with anyone through a link, similar to sharing a web page through a URL. The person with whom you share the link does not need to have a Brightspot account. You can apply an expiration date to the link after which the link is no longer live.

To share an asset through Brightspot:

  1. Search for and open the asset on the content edit page.
  2. In the editorial toolbar, click more_horiz > Share this… (such as Share This Image). The Share Options widget appears.
  3. Enter an expiration date after which the share link is no longer valid. If you enter N/A, the link never expires.
  4. Click Share.

Brightspot displays a URL that you can share with subscribers.

Share options

Approving or denying asset requests

You can approve or deny asset requests from the dashboard.

To approve or deny asset requests:

  1. Open the dashboard’s Asset Requests widget.

    Asset requests in dashboard

  2. Sort and filter the asset requests using the drop-down lists.
  3. For each asset request, in the rightmost column, select Approve or Deny. (You can also approve or deny all requests by selecting a value from the Update All list.)
  4. Click Save.

For information about adding the Asset Requests widget to your dashboard, see Adding DAM widgets to the dashboard.

Restricting asset availability

Referring to the illustration in Overview of a DAM environment, subscribers log in to your site and select assets for use in their own publications. You can show or hide individual assets from the site, thereby preventing subscribers from requesting them.

To restrict asset availability:

  1. Search for and open the asset on the content edit page.
  2. Under Usage, from the Settings list, select one of the following:

    • Hidden—The asset does not appear on the site, so subscribers cannot use it. Continue to step 5.
    • Set—The asset appears on the site, so subscribers can use it. Continue to step 3.
  3. Under Approval Required, do one of the following:
    • Turn off to allow subscribers to use the asset without requesting approval.
    • Turn on to explicitly approve subscribers’ requests to use the asset.
  4. In the Expiration Date field, select an expiration date after which subscribers cannot use the asset. If you enter N/A, subscribers can use the asset indefinitely.
  5. Complete your site’s workflow and publish the asset.

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Managing expiring assets

Some asset requests that you approve may have an expiration date after which the subscriber should no longer use the asset. You can manage the asset’s use as the expiration date approaches. For example, if you plan to publish a new logo on June 1, you may need to take one of the following actions just before June 1:

  • Extend the expiration date. For details, see Restricting asset availability.
  • Notify subscribers about the upcoming expiration, because they may need to update their associated content. For details, see Reviewing download activity.
  • Check if your own content uses the expiring asset. Click the asset in the Expiring Assets widget, and see where the asset is used in the References widget.

To manage expiring assets:

  1. In the dashboard’s Expiring Assets widget, filter by content type, expiration status, and time period.
  2. For each asset, take an appropriate action.

For information about adding the Expiring Assets widget to your dashboard, see Adding DAM widgets to the dashboard.

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Sharing collateral

DAM provides additional content types that you can upload to Brightspot. You can use these content types to share collateral you create, such as presentations and spreadsheets, with other publishers through DAM.

The following table lists the content types available with DAM.

Content type
File types
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • Numbers (numbers)
  • Calc (ods)
  • Comma-separated (csv)
  • HTML (html)
  • Word (docx)
  • Pages (pages)
  • Writer (odt)
  • PDF (pdf)
  • Photoshop (psd)
  • Plain text (txt)
  • Rich text (rtf)
  • PowerPoint (pptx)
  • Keynote (key)
  • Impress (odp)

To upload collateral to Brightspot:

  1. In the Quick Start widget, select one of the content types listed in the previous table. The corresponding content edit page appears.
  2. Complete the content edit page as required for the collateral.
  3. Share the collateral as described in Sharing assets from Brightspot.

You can also share images and videos; these content types do not require DAM.

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