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URLs and trailing slashes

Brightspot assigns permalinks to assets, and those permalinks most often have no trailing slash. For example, an asset with the title Breakfast has a permalink /breakfast, and its URL is

Visitors may mistakenly request URLs with a trailing slash. For example, you have an asset with the URL To view that asset, a visitor mistakenly requests the non-existent URL, and receives an error 404.

In rare cases, a permalink may have a trailing slash. For example, an asset with the title Lunch has a permalink /lunch/, and its URL is To view that asset, a visitor may mistakenly request the non-existent URL, and receive an error 404.

(When a permalink ends with a trailing slash, Brightspot internally appends index to the permalink. In this example, the permalink is /lunch/, and Brightspot internally stores the permalink as /lunch/index.)

You can configure Brightspot to append or remove trailing slashes so that visitors receive their intended assets—not an error 404.

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