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Sharing collateral

DAM provides additional content types that you can upload to Brightspot. You can use these content types to share collateral you create, such as presentations and spreadsheets, with other publishers through DAM.

The following table lists the content types available with DAM.

Content type
File types
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • Numbers (numbers)
  • Calc (ods)
  • Comma-separated (csv)
  • HTML (html)
  • Word (docx)
  • Pages (pages)
  • Writer (odt)
  • PDF (pdf)
  • Photoshop (psd)
  • Plain text (txt)
  • Rich text (rtf)
  • PowerPoint (pptx)
  • Keynote (key)
  • Impress (odp)

To upload collateral to Brightspot:

  1. In the Quick Start widget, select one of the content types listed in the previous table.
  2. Complete the content edit page as required for the collateral.
  3. Share the collateral as described in Sharing assets from Brightspot.

You can also share images and videos; these content types do not require DAM.

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