Assignment Desk

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Assignment Desk promotes collaboration on an effort that requires the creation of multiple assets by several team members for publication with varying deadlines. For example, a pitch about a celebrity’s wedding may involve one assignment covering the bride, another covering the groom, and a third covering the wedding planner. Using Assignment Desk, you can coordinate and track everyone’s efforts to produce a successful series of assets covering the wedding.

Assignment Desk features available in Brightspot

When you install Assignment Desk in Brightspot, the following features become available:

Assignment Desk features 1.png

  • An Assignment Desk Subscription is available. Editors can use this subscription to receive notifications when assignments or pitches are updated. For more information, see Overview of Brightspot notifications.

How Assignment Desk organizes content

The following diagram illustrates how Assignment Desk organizes a pitch.

Assignment Desk Diagram.png
Assignment Desk process

In the above diagram—

  • The pitch provides the theme for the entire effort. Examples of pitches include social events, product launches, and multi-faceted documentaries.
  • Pitches have one or more assignments—collections of assets each one pertaining to one aspect of the pitch. An assignment includes participating team members: the assignee who produces the content, the editor who oversees the content, and other team members who want to receive notifications regarding the assignment’s progress.
  • Assignees generate one or more items pertaining to each assignment.