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Creating content variations

This topic describes how to create content variations.

To create content variations:

  1. Create a new asset or open an existing one. Ensure the asset is one of the content types you used when creating a segmented audience as described in Creating audiences. This is the default variation, and Brightspot delivers this variation to all visitors who do not satisfy any of the segmentation criteria.
  2. From the audience list, select an audience for which you want to create a content variation.

    Audience list Audience list

  3. (Optional) Click the link in the message area to view the audience’s description.

    Audience description Audience description

  4. Modify and publish the asset for the selected audience.
  5. To preview variations, do the following:

    1. Click visibility to show the preview pane.
    2. From the audience list, select the audience whose variation you want to preview.
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