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Adding redirect vanity URLs

This topic explains how to add redirect vanity URLs for your content in Brightspot.

To add redirect vanity URLs:

  1. Click menuAdmin > Vanity URL Redirects. The Search Vanity URL Redirect widget appears.

    New Vanity URL Redirect

  2. Click New Vanity URL Redirect on the bottom left. The New Vanity URL Redirect edit content page appears.
  3. Set the URL options using the information in the table below.

    Field Description
    Name Name describing the purpose of the redirect
    Local Urls Vanity URL
    Destination URL with the content to display

    If set, the server sends an HTTP 302 temporary redirect to the browser; otherwise, it sends a 301 permanent redirect.

    A temporary redirect instructs search engines to temporarily replace the older URL in their listings with the new one. However, the search engines continue to scan the site at the old URL and will deliver that page after you delete the temporary redirect.

  4. Set the Query String option if applicable. The options are: Ignore, Modify, or Preserve. For Modify, there are additional options for specifying the keys to keep.
  5. In multi-site environments, select an Owner and Access in the Sites widget.
  6. In the Editorial toolbar, save or publish the new redirect.
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