Sending an asset for translation

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Sending an asset for translation

To sent an asset for translation:

  1. Create the asset you want to send to translation. Click Publish or the appropriate button for your workflow.
  2. In the editorial toolbar, select more_horiz > Translate This Article. Step 1 of the Translation wizard appears.
    Step 1 of translation wizard.png
    Select the translation service
  3. From the Service list, select one of the following, and then click Next:
    • One of the translation services that your administrator already configured for you.
    • Manual to translate content manually within Brightspot. Use this option to create localized content without using an external service.
  4. In the All Locales field, select the locales to which the asset is translated and then click Next.

    You can select multiple locales and each will be listed in the All Locales field.

    Options form - All Locales.png
    Select the locales

  5. From Referenced Content, select any additional content you want to translate and then click Review.
    Options form - Referenced Content.png
    Select the referenced content

    The available content types are those for which you defined a site-level translation service as described in Configuring site-level translation services.
  6. After reviewing your selections, click Translate.

Brightspot displays a confirmation message that the asset is being translated. You can view the translation assignment under more_horiz > Translations. You can also view the submission in Lingotek.

Asset translations list.png
Asset translation list

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