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Role-level notifications

Administrators can configure role-level notifications; any user assigned to the role automatically receives notifications using the subscriptions associated with the role.

To create a role-level notification:

  1. Ensure your version of Brightspot is configured to send notifications. For details, see Prerequisites.
  2. Click menu > Admin > Users & Roles.
  3. In the Roles widget, click the role for which you want to create a notification.
  4. Toward the right of the widget, select more_horiz > Notifications.
  5. Under Delivery Options and Subscriptions, configure the delivery options and associated subscriptions.
  6. Click Save.
When creating role-level notifications, verify that the users you assign to that role have access to the associated delivery options. For example, if you configure a notification for the role Proofreaders that sends messages over email, ensure all proofreaders associated with the role can receive emails from Brightspot. Proofreaders who do not have properly configured email accounts may never receive the notifications.

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