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Sorting dynamic lists by page views

When you enable Brightspot Analytics, you can configure your dynamic lists to sort by page views. This ensures that your dynamic lists are populated with assets that have the most views.

To sort a dynamic list by page views:

  1. Open or create the asset to which you want to add a dynamic list.
  2. Set the position on the asset where you would like the dynamic list to be displayed.
    1. Click Overrides > Layout.
    2. Three drop-down lists, AboveAside, and Below are available to set the dynamic list’s position. (For an illustration of these positions, see Above, Aside, and Below layout blocks.)
    3. Select the position for the dynamic list and expand its list.
    4. Select Replace. (For an explanation of the possible selections, see Determining the content of a layout block).
      For example, if you want only the dynamic list to display above all of the content on the page, expand the Above drop-down list and select Replace, as seen in the image below.
      Selecting list position using overides.jpg Selecting list position using overides.jpg
      Setting the list position to Above.
  3. Click add_circle_outline, and select List.
  4. If available, select the list style.
  5. In the Title field, enter a title.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description. For an explanation of the buttons on this field’s toolbar, see Rich-text editor.
  7. From the Items list, select Dynamic. Once you set your list to dynamic, you must create the conditions for assets to be pulled into the list.
    1. Expand Types and select the content types to populate the list.
    2. Expand Sort and select Page Views.
    3. Enter the number of assets to be displayed in the list in the Items Per Page field.
      Create dynamic list.jpg Create dynamic list.jpg
      Configuring a dynamic list
      See Understanding dynamic list settings for complete details on all of the fields available when configuring a dynamic list.
  8. From the Call to Action list, select a call to action.
  9. If you added a Call to Action, complete the Call to Action Button Text field.
  10. Click Publish.
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