Brightspot CMS User Guide

The Brightspot user interface

Brightspot features an intuitive user interface to make working in the content management system (CMS) easy and efficient.

Understanding the Brightspot User Interface

When you first log into Brightspot, you are taken to your dashboard. Below is an example of what your dashboard might look like. Keep in mind, dashboards are completely customizable, and yours may look slightly different.

UI Map4.png UI Map4.png
User Interface Map

Navigation Menu

Starting in the top-left corner of the user interface is the Navigation Menu. Clicking this menu expands and lists all of the areas within Brightspot that you currently have rights to access.

Search Field

The search field allows you to enter text to find assets within Brightspot. There are several filters and options available to you as you search. See CMS Search for more information.

Add Icon

The add icon provides an easy way to create assets within Brightspot. See Creating content for more information on using this icon.

Current Site

The current site shows which of your sites you are currently logged into. It is very possible your organization may have multiple sites. Making sure you are working in the correct site ensures that the assets you create are available where you need them.

Current User

The current user shows which username you are currently logged in under. From here, you can manage your user profile. See Accessing your user profile for more information.

Notifications Icon

The notifications icon displays whether you have any notifications from within Brightspot. These could be notifications for conversations in which you are involved or subscriptions to content. Click the icon to view your notifications.

See Notifications for more information about using notifications in Brightspot.

Dashboard Tabs

Dashboard tabs allow you to access different facets of your dashboard. These tabs will vary based on your dashboard.

Quick Start Widget

The Quick Start widget is a series of icons that allow you to quickly create assets or access the items you use most within Brightspot. See Standard dashboard and widgets for more information.

Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard widgets vary by dashboard. Some widgets provide information on assets that have recently been created or updated, while other widgets can provide analytics information. These widgets allow useful information to be available to you immediately upon login as well as provide access to assets for which you are responsible.

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