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Providing and reading notes for Brightspot fields

You can read and provide editorial notes for almost any field throughout Brightspot, including the following:

  • Fields in the content edit form
  • Fields in the New Site and Edit Site widgets
  • Fields in the New Tool Role and Edit Tool Role widgets
  • Fields in the New Tool User and Edit Tool User widgets
  • Fields in your Profile widget
Editorial notes give editors instructions or guidelines for setting a field to a particular value.

  1. Open the widget containing the field.
  2. Next to the field’s label, click help.

    Headline example.png
    Headline example showing icon to view notes

    The field’s widget appears under the For Editors tab.

    For editors field notes
    For Editors field notes

  3. To add a note for a field, do the following:

    1. Click help. The New Guide Field Editorial Note widget appears.
    2. Enter the help text.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Back. You return to the New Guide Field Editorial Note widget.
  4. Click close. You return to the starting widget.
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