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Reviewing SSO logins

If your version of Brightspot is part of a single sign-on environment, you can enable or disable an editor’s ability to log in to Brightspot over SSO.

To review SSO logins:

  1. Click menu > Admin > Users & Roles.
  2. In the Users widget, select the user whose SSO login you want to review.
  3. Under SAML, and using the following table as a reference, review the login.

The following table describes the SSO fields you can review.

Field Description
Saml Username Editor’s email address as assigned on the authentication server. Brightspot uses this address as the editor’s username.
Saml Instance SAML configuration used to authenticate the editor.
Effective Role Editor’s role as assigned on the authentication server. Brightspot assigns the editor to this role.
Saml Disable Login Indicates if the editor is allowed to log in using SSO. If toggled on, the editor cannot log in to Brightspot.

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