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Configuring your profile

Your profile is divided into two main tabs: Main and CMS. Each tab has specific settings you can configure. The Main tab focuses on your settings as a user such as username, password, etc. The CMS tab focuses on how Brightspot appears to you when you use it in terms of dashboards, themes, etc.

If the Assignment Desk plugin is enabled for your site, you will see a third tab labeled Assignment Desk.

To configure your profile:

  1. In the header , click your username, then click Profile.
  2. Select either the Main or CMS tab.
  3. Using the following tables as a reference, configure your profile to best meet your needs in Brightspot.
  4. Click Save.

The following tables describe the available profile settings in each tab.

Profile settings—Main tab

NameThe name associated with items you create. This name appears in various widgets in Brightspot, such as Recent Activity.
EmailYour email address.
UsernameThe username you use to log in to Brightspot.
PasswordThe password used for logging in to Brightspot.
You have two choices:
  • Keep Same - your password remains what is has been.
  • Change - allows you to change your password. You must re-authenticate with your current password to make this change.
AvatarYour avatar.
  • None—No avatar.
  • New Upload—Displays a field for uploading an avatar.
  • New URL—Displays a field for entering an avatar’s URL.
LocaleSets your language and location.
Setting the locale has two effects:
  • Brightspot’s appearance changes to the selected language. For example, if you select Spanish, Brightspot appears in Spanish. If the selected language is not available, Brightspot appears in English.
  • Brightspot uses associated dictionaries to spell-check your text.
Time ZoneSets your time zone.
Phone NumberYour phone number for receiving text messages from Brightspot.
Delivery MethodsDisplays the delivery methods you have set up for notifications.

Click add_circle_outline to add additional methods.
SubscriptionsDisplays your subscriptions.

Click add_circle_outline to add additional subscriptions.
Automatic SubscriptionsAutomatic subscriptions are configured by your administrator. You can specify your default delivery methods for all of them, as well as override or disable on an individual basis.
Linked AccountsDisplays any Slack accounts you have linked to your Brightspot account. You can configure Slack as one of your delivery methods for notifications.

Profile settings—CMS tab

DashboardSets the dashboard you see when you log into Brightspot.

This setting has three options:
  • None—You use the dashboard associated with your role.
  • One Off—Selecting this option allows you to create a one-off dashboard for your own use.
  • Shared—A shared dashboard that has been previously created and you select from the menu.
Edit Existing ContentAllows you to add specific assets to your Quick Start widget for easy access. For instance, perhaps you edit the same page every week. You can set that page so it appears in your Quick Start widget so you do not have to search for it.
Content Templates
Global DefaultsList of available default templates. If blank, the default templates flow from your role’s default templates (if any).
Global ExtrasList of available extra templates. If blank, the extra templates flow from your role’s extra templates (if any).
Site Specific DefaultsOverrides the default templates for individual sites. If blank, the site-specific default templates flow from your role’s site-specific default templates (if any).
Site Specific ExtrasOverrides the extra templates for individual sites. If blank, the site-specific extra templates flow from your role’s site-specific extra templates (if any).
Preset Theme Select one of the themes to use for Brightspot. If you select Custom, you can configure the following colors for individual UI elements:
  • Dominant—Editorial toolbar background, field labels.
  • Gray—Tab labels, placeholders, numbers in selection fields.
  • Red—Error messages.
  • Orange—Used in customized versions of Brightspot.
  • Yellow—Field changed since last save.
  • Green—Editorial toolbar border, color of Publish button.
  • Blue—Cursor in field.
  • Purple—Used in customized versions of Brightspot.
For information about using the color picker, see Configuring a theme's swatch.
AppearanceList of appearances, including:
  • Light—The standard Brightspot appearance.
  • DarkBrightspot's Dark mode.
  • Follow OS—The default appearance mode of the operating system being used.
Enable Boxed Input
  • If enabled, places border around fields.
  • If disabled, places border at bottom of fields.
Enable CompactDisplays the content edit form with smaller labels and fields, so more of it appears in your screen without scrolling.
Enable Compact RailsDisplays widgets in the right and left rails with smaller labels and fields, so more of them appear in your screen without scrolling.
Enable High ContrastDisplays Brightspot in a high-contrast mode, improving accessibility and ideal when working outside or with strong ambient light.
Header BackgroundBackground color of header.
Enable Post Publish ActionsIf toggled on, Brightspot provides suggestions for positioning assets after they are published. For more information, see Post-publishing actions.
Open Post Publish Actions AutomaticallyIf toggled on, Brightspot displays the widget for post-publish positioning after the asset is first published. If toggled off, you can still access post-publish positioning by clicking more_horiz > Post Publish Actions. For more information, see Post-publishing actions.
Inline EditingItems you can edit using the inline editor.
  • Disabled—Inline editor is not available.
  • Only Main Content—You can edit the item but not its subsidiary items.
  • All Contents—You can edit the item and the subsidiary items. For example, if an article contains an author item, you can modify both the article and the author.
Return to Dashboard on SaveIf marked, you automatically return to the dashboard after saving changes to an item.
Return to Dashboard on WorkflowIf marked, you automatically return to the dashboard after adding an item to a workflow.
Disable Navigate Away AlertIf marked, you do not receive a message when leaving the content edit page without saving or publishing. The following illustration is an example of a navigate-away alert.
Navigate away alert.png Navigate away alert.png
Unsaved changes alert
Disable Work In ProgressDisables the work-in-progress feature. When toggled on, this feature maintains live backups of work if your Brightspot session unexpectedly ends.
Global Theme OverrideDisplays previews using the selected theme.
Site Theme OverridesDisplays previews using the selected theme for the selected site.

Profile settings—Assignment Desk tab

This tab is only visible if the Assignment Desk plugin has been enabled.

Team Member RoleExpand and select your role. If your role isn't available you can click Create New to add your role.
Contact InformationClick Set to display the contact information fields:
  • Email—Enter the email address you want to use as your contact email for Assignment Desk.
  • PhoneNumber—Enter the phone number you want to use as your contact phone for Assignment Desk.
  • SlackDisplayName—Enter the Slack ID you want to use as your Slack contact for Assignment Desk.
NotesEnter any special information pertaining to your Assignment Desk profile.

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