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Creating Content

Brightspot offers a myriad of content types that you can use to present your information in exciting ways to your viewers.

You can create content by clicking add found next to the Search field, from the Quick Start widget, as well as from the search results page.

This topic covers the basics of creating content using the article content type as an example. More detailed instructions on specific content types can be found on this site as well.

To create content using the Add icon , Quick Start widget, or the search results page:

The steps below are the same regardless of the content type you are creating. For this example, the article content type is used.

  1. Choose one of the following methods for beginning the content creation process:

    • Click add next to the Search field.
    • Click the Article icon in the Quick Start widget (if available).
    • From the search results page, scroll to the bottom and select Article in the Create field and click New.
  2. From the Create list, select Article. The New Article content edit page appears.

    Creating content from add icon.png
    Creating content
    Create item from search results.png
    Create an asset from the search results page
  3. Enter text for Headline.

    As you look at the New Article content edit page, you will notice the only Required field is the Headline field. As you create content of any type, you must provide a value for any field that is labeled Required. If you do not provide a value in a Required field, you cannot save or publish the asset.

  4. Continue to complete the fields as needed for this particular article.
  5. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.
    As you create various types of content, you may be presented with the option to make the content "Shared" or "One-off." Shared pieces of content can be "shared" across multiple assets and are visible in the Brightspot search results for that content type. One-off content types are specifically for the asset being worked on and cannot be shared.

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