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Adding a site redirect

This topic explains how to add site redirect URLs for your assets in Brightspot.

To add site redirect URLs:

  1. Click menuRedirects > Site Redirects.
  2. Click New Site Redirect at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Using the following table as a reference, complete the fields as needed.
  4. In multi-site environments, select an Owner and Access in the Sites widget in the right rail.
  5. In the Editorial toolbar, save or publish the new redirect.

    Field Description
    Name Name describing the purpose of the redirect
    Site URLs This is the URL from which visitors are redirected. Click addto add additional site URLs to redirect.
    Destination This is the URL to which visitors are redirected.
    Transfer Matched Segments

    Toggle this setting to on in order to have all segments in the new redirect path go exactly to their new URL.

    For example, if you had an existing subdomain for your sports product with the URL https://sports.brightspot.comand you decide to bring that subdomain under the main company domain to now be, you would want to make sure that any pages within the sports subdomain redirected correctly.

    To do that, you toggle on the Transfer Matched Segments setting.

    This ensures that pages such as are now redirected correctly to

    If you leave it toggled off, the page would only redirect to the home page of The only reason you might want to leave this toggled to off is if you are totally restructuring the site, and the paths on the old domain do not match the paths on the new domain. In that case, sending visitors to the home page makes good sense.


    If set, the server sends an HTTP 302 temporary redirect to the browser; otherwise, it sends a 301 permanent redirect.

    A temporary redirect instructs search engines to temporarily replace the older URL in their listings with the new one. However, the search engines continue to scan the site at the old URL and will deliver that page after you delete the temporary redirect.

    Query String If set, any query string in the old URL are attached to the new URL. Set the Query String option if applicable. The options are: Ignore, Modify, or Preserve. For Modify, there are additional options for specifying the keys to keep.
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