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Creating a shared subscription

You can create a shared subscription to topics that other editors can use. This is a useful feature when a subscription has complex filtering criteria. For example, a group of editors are responsible for monitoring publications of articles and images tagged Astronomy to the site Inspire Confidence. One editor can make a subscription for those messages, and all the other editors subscribe to it.

To create a shared subscription:

  1. In the header, click your username > Profile > Main.
  2. Under Main > Notifications > Subscriptions, click add_circle_outline. A Subscription form appears.
  3. From the Topic list, select Shared. A form appears.
  4. In the Subscription field, click search. The content picker appears.
  5. Under Create, select the topic for the subscription, and then click New. A content edit form appears.
  6. In the Name field, type a name for the subscription. As a best practice, use a name that provides a cue about the subscription’s content filters.
  7. Using the following resources, complete the subscription for the selected topic:

    • Click Save. Creation of a shared subscription is complete, and other editors can now use it.
    • Click Back at the top of the content edit form to return to the content picker.
    • Click the shared subscription you created, and close the content picker. You return to your profile.
    • Click Save.

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