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Configuring placement of content-type filters

In a content-type filters widget, some filters are always visible, and some are in a collapsible widget. You can configure the filters appearing in that widget.

To configure placement of content-type filters:

  1. Under Global Filters, select the required content type. A content-type filters widget (such as Article Filters) appears.

    Moving Content Type Filters to More Less (1).png

  2. In the content-type filters widget, click settings. A Select Fields widget (such as Select Article Fields) appears.
  3. Click fields in the Selected Fields column to move them to the Hidden Fields column. These fields appear in a More Filters or Less Filters widget.
  4. Click fields in the Hidden Fields column to move them to the Selected Fields column. These fields always appear under the content-type filter.
  5. Click Update.
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